Terms of use

These Terms of Use (referred to as the “Terms”) set forth the terms and conditions for using the digital content sales site “Galacaa Book” (referred to as “this site”) or other services (referred to as “this service”) provided by the CITI EXPRESS LIMITED (referred to as the “Company”).
If you do not agree to these Terms, you will not be able to use this service. By using this service, you are deemed to have agreed to this agreement.

1. Definition
(1) “User” means anyone who uses this site.
(2) “Member” means a user who has registered as a member by the method specified on this site.
(3) “Account” is an identifier assigned to a member and is required to access the services available only to the member.
(4) “Content” refers to ebook files, other texts, images, videos, software, etc.

2. Scope of this agreement
(1) The user must use this site and this service in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.
(2) Minors should obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a parent or guardian before using the service.
(3) In addition to these Terms, the Company may individually set terms of use (referred to as “Individual Terms”) regarding this service. The user must use this site and this service in accordance with the provisions of the Individual Terms. If the matters stipulated in this agreement differ from the matters stipulated in the individual agreement, the provisions of the individual agreement will take precedence.
(4) Even if a part of this agreement is invalidated by law or a court decision, the other part of this agreement will continue to be valid.

3. Changes to this agreement
(1) The Company may change this agreement without notifying the user in advance if the Company deems it necessary.
(2) When changing this agreement, the content of this agreement after the change and the effective date will be posted on this site.
(3) If the user does not agree to the change of the Terms, he / she cannot continue to use this service. If you continue to use this service after the change in this agreement, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement, so please always check the latest Terms of use before using.

4. Personal information
We will respect the personal information of users and properly acquire and use it in accordance with our privacy policy.

5. Membership registration
(1) When using this service, the user may be required to register as a member by the method specified on this site.
(2) When a minor registers as a member, please obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a parent or guardian before registering.
(3) Membership registration must be done by the user of this service, and the information to be registered must be true, accurate and complete information. If there is any change in the registered contents, please register the changed contents without delay by the method specified on this site.
(4) The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the member due to an error in the registered contents, omission of description, or delay in the change registration.
(5) Members must strictly manage their accounts at their own risk so that they will not be leaked or used improperly by third parties. All actions taken using the account are considered to be the actions of the member himself / herself.
(6) The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the member due to the use of the account by a third party.
(7) Members cannot use this service by logging in to the same account from multiple browsers at the same time.

6. Withdrawal
(1) If the Company determines that the withdrawal of the member is appropriate, it will be automatically withdrawn. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the member due to the withdrawal.
(2) The handling after the member withdraws is as follows.
①Of these services, services that can only be used by members will not be available immediately after withdrawal.
② After withdrawing from the membership, the account cannot be restored.
③ You will not be able to view e-books, including those purchased before withdrawal. For e-books that are set to be usable even after withdrawal, you can use them in accordance with this agreement within the range of settings and the range specified by the Terms. We do not provide any warranty or support, and we do not take any responsibility for the use of e-books after withdrawal.
(4) If you wish to withdraw from the service, please reach out to us from the contact form. The service management team will handle your request.

7. Suspension of this service, deletion / suspension of account
(1) If the user falls under any of the following or is likely to fall under any of the following, the Company will suspend all or part of this service, delete or suspend the account without notifying the user in advance, or take other measures that the Company deems necessary.
① If you violate this agreement (not limited to the prohibited acts in 11.)
② If you are a member of an antisocial force (including a member who was a member in the past) or a related person.
③ If you have received a petition for provisional seizure, seizure, provisional disposition, auction, etc., or if you have filed or received a petition to start procedures such as bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation.
④ When the Company determines that the provision of this service to the user is not appropriate.
(2) The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user due to the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph. In this case, the Company may cancel the transaction for the sale of e-books that has already been established with the member. The user cannot escape the fulfillment of the obligations that have already occurred with the Company.
(3) 6.3 applies to the handling after the membership registration is deleted.

8. Payment method
(1) The price of the e-book will be as described on the screen on this site when the member places an order for each e-book.
(2) Please use the credit card in the name of the member himself / herself for the payment.
(3) When using a credit card, the member must comply with this agreement as well as the agreement regarding the use of credit cards with credit card companies. If a dispute arises between the member and the credit card company, please resolve it at the member’s own risk.

9. Usage environment of this service
(1) The usage environment of this service is as specified for Galacaa Book on this site.
(2) Please prepare the device, related equipment, software and other usage environment necessary for using this service at the user’s expense and responsibility.
(3) The e-books featured on this service are available online only. Users may access / view / read the e-books only for the period of time they are available online.

10. Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations
Unless otherwise provided in this agreement, the user shall not assign, inherit, or pledge the user’s rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party for the purpose of collateral.

11. Intellectual property rights, etc.
(1) All intellectual property rights and other rights of the content contained in this site belong to the Company or the right holders affiliated with the Company.
(2) The user can subscribe to and read e-books using this service, but the Company grants the user only the right to use this service. It does not transfer intellectual property rights related to the content or any other rights.
(3) The user must not use the content beyond the usage intended by this service (including but not limited to duplication, screening, public transmission, exhibition, transfer, distribution, adaptation, etc.)

12. Advertising display
We may display advertisements of our Company or third parties within this service.
The user and the third party that is advertising are liable for the transactions between the user and the third party.

13. Services of third parties other than our Company
This service may include services or content provided by third parties other than our Company. The responsibility for the service or content lies with the third party providing the service. In addition, the terms of use and other conditions set by the third party may apply to the service or content provided by the third party.

14. Prohibitions
The user must not perform any of the following actions or actions that may be applicable.
① Acts that violate the law or public order and morals.
② Acts that violate this agreement or individual agreements.
③ Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights of the Company or a third party, privacy rights, honor rights, portrait rights and other rights or interests.
④ Acts that threaten, insult or slander our Company or others, or damage their honor or credibility.
⑤ Providing benefits to antisocial forces and other cooperative acts.
⑥ Acts of illegally collecting and providing registration information, usage history, etc. of others.
⑦ The act of registering false member information, impersonating another person to use this service, or illegally using another person’s credit card to use this service.
⑧ Acts of making unreasonable inquiries or requests to the Company.
⑨ Acts of intentionally using defects in this site or this service.
⑩ The act of the same user registering multiple members and receiving the provision of this service.
⑪ Acts that interfere with the server or network system of this service by sending malware or other means, or acts that illegally operate this service by using cheat tools or other means.
⑫ Other acts that interfere with the operation of this service by the Company or the use of this service by other users
⑬ Acts that fall under ① to ⑫ and other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

15. Changes, discontinuation and terminations of this service
(1) The Company may change all or part of the contents of this service without notifying the user in advance if the Company deems it necessary.
(2) The Company may suspend the provision of all or part of this service without notifying the user in advance in any of the following cases.
①When conducting system maintenance, inspection, recovery from failures, etc.
②When this service cannot be provided due to force majeure such as fire / power outage, natural disaster, riot, war, labor dispute, etc.
③ When a system failure occurs due to concentrated access, etc.
④ In addition to cases where ① to ③ are applicable, when we deem it necessary
(3) The Company can terminate the provision of this service without notifying the user in advance.
(4) We do not take any responsibility when this service was changed, interrupted, or terminated, due to the previous three paragraphs and the user was unable to use this service, resulting in disadvantage or damage to the user or a third party.

16. Disclaimer, compensation for damages
(1) The user uses this service at his / her own risk and is responsible for all actions and results of this service. If a dispute arises between users or between a user and a third party, the Company will not be involved and please handle it at your own risk.
(2) When the Company is liable for damages to the user, unless the Company has intentional or gross negligence, the Company shall take responsibility for direct and ordinary damages (excluding damages due to special circumstances) actually incurred by the user (excluding lost profits).
(3) The Company does not guarantee the user about the information of e-books such as binding, number of pages, price, release date, and other information posted on this site. In addition, if there is a difference or change in the information of the e-book, the handling will depend on the display of this site.
(4) Our company does not guarantee this service to operate under the user’s usage environment (including the usage environment specified by help) without defects or errors in the security system and without other defects in this service.
(5) E-books may contain content that violates the laws, religions, cultures, customs, etc. of each country. When a user takes an e-book out of Japan, it is the user’s responsibility to check for these problems.

17. How to contact
(1) We will contact you regarding this service by the following method arbitrarily selected by us.
① Sending an e-mail to the address registered by the user. In addition, the notification through e-mail will be deemed to have reached the member when it is sent to the outside from our mail server system.
② Calling the phone number.
③ Posting on this site
④ Other methods that we deem appropriate
(2) For inquiries and complaints from users to the Company, please send the inquiry form on this site or use the method specified by the Company.

18. Governing law
The governing law of this agreement shall be the law of the server location.

19. Court of jurisdiction
For all disputes regarding this service and this agreement should be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the server location in the first instance.