Notice required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Service Name
「Galacaa Book」
Sales of e-books and the like

Company Name

•Customers who need our telephone number may request it from the link below.
We will promptly reply to your e-mail address.
→Contact us here
※Also, please note that we may not be able to reply to some inquiries, requests and opinions.

Retail price
Users may purchase each content separately. After the purchase is complete, customers can view the purchased content(s).
The retail price will be shown on each product page.

Other costs not included in the retail price
Data charges
※Data charges may apply depending on each customers’ contracts with the internet provider.

About delivery and access period
Delivery: right after the payment is confirmed. (Unless a different delivery time is specified in the check out page)
(It may take some time for the purchase to be shown in the system)
Access period: customers can access to the product(s) purchased anytime, unless the product distribution has been discontinued.
Limited-time contents will be accessible until the deadline stated on the product page.

Payment Methods
•Credit card (VISA, American Express, Master, Diners Club, DISCOVER)

Billing date
The billing date for credit card payments will depends on the condition stated by each credit card company.

We cannot accept returns (purchase cancellation) requests for the purchased content(s)

Supported System
System requirements may differ depending on the content(s) / product(s). Please check the system requirements before to make a purchase.
(The access / view of product(s) may be restricted to specific operating system / internet browser and / or may require the installation of plug-ins)

Defective contents
In the unfortunate case there is any defect / error in the content(s), customers can re-access to the product(s).
Customers will not be able to re-access the product(s) after its sale/access term is over. Please contact us from the contact form for any inquiry.
If there is a problem with the content(s) and the customer is still unable to access it, we will handle each case in the ways we consider to be appropriate for that specific case (refund etc.).

System requirements
Windows Windows 7, 8.1 or later

Microsoft Edge
Firefox (latest version)
Chrome (latest version)

Macintosh Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Safari 9.0 or later
Chrome (latest version)

Android Android 6.0 or later, default system browser (latest version)

iPhone/iPad iOS 10 or later, default system browser (latest version)